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tonight, and it is the result of a horrible, horrible accident. >> this woman tells us her 41-year-old cousin is the victim. he was at this intersection in vallejo when the female driver of this car struck him. >> i can tell you that there is no crosswalk in that area. it is fairly dark there. >> the impact knocked the victim into the next lane where he was hit and dragged by the 89-year-old driver. he finally stopped in front of emily's house. >> my children heard tires screeching. they looked out and saw the body under the tront end of the car. >> firefighters had to use air bags to lift the car and remove the victim who died at the scene. the elderly driver lives in her neighborhood. >> physically seems to do pretty well, gets around okay. most of the time we see him and he is walking. he gets around okay. >> the victim's relative tells us he regularly crosses this intersection and her cousin had been disabled by polio since childhood. in vallejo, alan wang, abc7 news. >>> new at 11:00, two men are in the hospital tonight after their truck crashed off a north bay road, flew down
street nightclub, which hosted a hip-hop event on saturday. the owner told us he doubts anyone inside his club played a part in the crime. police hope surveillance cam florida the area will help identify suspects. >> nobody in custody at this point. our homicide vettors are working on various leads. >> police are asking for public for any information they may have about the murder. >>> tonight san jose police are investigating the city's 42nd 42nd murder this year. police officers found a man who had been shot and killed there have been no arrests. >> some self-described geeks and hackers met in san francisco to tackle gun violence through technology. tackers and community members met at the geek dom office and focused on be violence and the connection to mental health. >> we're also looking at applications that help families, individuals, parents, do a very quick and simple mental health assessment that can be used by a professional to intervene at the appropriate level. >> organizers say technology can cause people to become isolated and appreciate the irony when technology is used to h
use. black friday approaches and tips for your protection shopping on the ground and this year, online. >> and looking into an unlicensed food truck, what you should know before fire hiring one that is legit. >> good evening, tonight a call for mercy from the parents of a crime victim. >> it's a stunning twist in the case of a juvenile charged for setting an ac transit bus rider on fire. sasha flieshman's family wants prosecutors to try the 16-year-old now as a juvenile. we're live tonight, laura, you were in court when the defense attorney made the request. >> reporter: that is right they did make wishes clear today as far as legal proceedings, regarding the boy who attacked sasha. they want him treated as a child. >> they're correct. >> the attorney for the 16-year-old says he welcomes words from the family of sasha flieshman. last not district attorney charged thomas as an adult for setting the 18-year-old's skirt on fire on a bus. each charge also carries a hate crime enhancement. flieshman suffered expected third degree burns and expected to be released from the hospital tomorrow
in the north bay. >> a california democrat upset about the obamacare web site tell us us what she would do if she were in charge. abc7 at 6:00 starts now. >>> good evening. i'm amy ama daetz. the family of a teen killed by a sheriff deputy will be filing a lawsuit. today we are learning more about the deputy who killed the teen. cornell bernard talked to man who said he feared for his life when the officer was quick to pull a gun on him as well. he joins us live from santa rosa. reporter: jeff westbrook says he, too, is mourning the loss of andy lopez. the memorial to him continues to grow. the deputy who shot lopez is the same man who pulled a gun on westbrook during a routine traffic stop. >> at this time i just looked at him point blank at the barrel of a gun. >> he said he and an employee feared for their lives beforing a stopped on highway 101 for make ang unsafe lane change. he says the sheriff's deputy who made the stop seemed agitated when he approached his car. >> i looked to -- i looked back up there was a gun, and he is screaming, turn the vehicle off. at that point i put my han
't pull them unless they intend to use them. >> jeff says he plans to file a formal complaint very soon. >>> police are investigating a rash of robberies on campus. there has been three recently. the most recent one was at the faculty glade. an 1-year-old woman was grabbed from behind enthe second pulled a gun on her and took her phone and rifled through her purse. her attackers got away. one student says she's done something to protect herself. >> i have a pepper spray in my bag now. i just got it lke yesterday, but i got it now. >> uc berkeley police have been stepping up patrols but they have made no arrests. there is also services to help students get around safely at night. we provided a link at abc look for see it on tv. >>> new details about the los angeles international airport shooting. the suspect is said to have made the conscious decision to kill many tsa agents. paul ciancia says he account aed alone and was dropped off at the airport by a friend. he killed a tsa agent and wounded three others. more than 24 hours after the shooting the airport says operations are bac
and psychological counseling. she knows her road to recovery is a long one. jong and self-others have hired the u.s. aviation law official official -- law ticial hoping for a fair out of court settlement. they said in a statement, asiana has made every effort to take care of all of the passengers needs since the accident at sfo. asiana will continue to pay for the passengers' reasonable and necessary expenses and treatment. jong will continue her rehabilitation in china. she does president know when she will be able -- she doesn't know when she will be able to walk and go back to work, but she knows this -- >> i will never ride a plane again. i know have i to to get home, but after that, never again. >> reporter: the couple's world traveling days are over, they consider themselves lucky to have lived through the disaster and to have each other. after flying home on sedatives they happily reunited with family. they sent us this i can picture just this -- they sent us this picture and she is finally walking on crutches. they asked us to thank of the firefighters, paramedics doctors and social workers
in the marine corps is, it's simultaneously. you didn't react. you uses do it. >>reporter: the raiders even sent a contingent that included legendary defensive back will brown to stockton to pay the man a visit. bring him a cash of team goodies. >> like football. playing defensive back. a guy running the ball you don't think about how you are going to hit. you just hit him. you know. same thing. he didn't think about catching her. he just reacted. >> despite the efforts the young woman still sustained serious head injury and remains in critical condition at high land hospital in stockton, low pressure a thoip abc 7 news. >> president obama is in los angeles right now next leg of west coast political fundraising tour. here is air force one taking off late this afternoon from san francisco international. after a 6 hour stay in san francisco where he urged supporters to stick with him despite the lowest approval ratings of his presidency. we have team coverage of the president visit to the bay area tonight beginning with abc 7 news reporter vick lee. >> ♪ oh, >> her niece sang th
. happened at liberty high school in brentwood during freshman football game againstg high. ps us that the students injuries were serious enough had he to get medical care. declined to give any further details. >> stunning new development tonight involving the sheriffs deputy who shot and killed young teenager. man tl say the same sonoma county deputy recently pulled a gun on him. laura anthony live in santa cross with the story. laura? >> we are standing at the memorial her where andy was killed. we have seen a lot of people this halloween stop by to pay their respects. in the mean time as you said developments in that eric deputy here man claims that the officer actually stopped him during a routine traffic stop and pulled a gun on him twice. >> he was still stunned. >> this woman says is how her stepfather reacted. when he realize that deputy who pulled a gun on him during a traffic stop two months ago was eric gale house. the same man who shot and killed 13-year-old an andy lopez. >> he realize that if he if shot a man or a kid, you know, there was possibility that he c
ricky spoke to us by phone. >> so trees are moving. different directions. >>reporter: he says thousands are sheltered in schools. mau mauls and the city sports aren arena. forecasters say the storm surge could reach 23 feet along the coast. >> extremely scary. >>reporter: back in daly city she has been talking about her parents by skype. >> i have been trying to contact them for hours and it has been really hard. >>reporter: her parents e-mai e-mailed this mother just before the storm hit. >> we are waiting for more. >>reporter: authorities are expecting catastrophic damage and more casualty. allen, is abc 7 news. >> monster storm. sandhya is tracking the storm and live with live doppler 7hd staggering how large it is. >> 300 miles wide check out our radar super typhoon right now. as you look here the eye of the storm very large when it made land fall and it made multiple land fall since. wind 185 miles an hour gusting to 225 it has weaken some. it will continue with category 5 tomorrow morning as it continue also across the philippines. eventually making another land fall in v
is now closed. people will now have to go to oakland or santa clara. officials told us the transition was smooth this weekend. they averaged four children a day. kaiser said consolidating it offers a higher level of care. 21 of the 22 nurses that worked there have been reassigned and one retired. many are still upset about the closure. they say they're concerned about the patients that lived nearby. >> they will be evaluated in the emergency room. too sick at that time, they'll try to stabilize them, and then they will have to try transporting them to a facility with pediatrics. that could take two, to six, two eight hours. >> we recognize it's a change in location but that families want the best for their children. the best for them is to be in a pediatric specialty center. this is supported bically missions at the children's hospitals of oakland, they support what we're doing here. >> their outpatient facility will continue to be open. >>> a strike averts at the university of california met a agreement with their unionized forces. . a deal with annual raises of 4%. it must be approv
. he told us he's more worried about the young woman is and says marine training prepared for a situation many people couldn't imagine. >> i'm not a hero. i don't want to say, i don't wear a batman suit or superman. or these, you know, these characters i just reacted the way i did. >> the man who tried to catch a woman who jumped from the third deck after yesterday's raider game told abc7 news he'd do it again. >> i braced myself to catch her. i was hoping i could, when i caught her, i could lock arms around her to absorb impact with me. but unfortunately, she hit and she bounced off. >> the 61-year-old ended up with severe bruising but no serious injuries when the young woman he tried to catch landed knees first into his arms. sending both of them to the pavement. >> he said what ran to his mind is don't let people see this. try to save her and stop it. >> just 15 minutes after the raider game a vietnam war veteran they were walking outside they sought woman, 45 feet above. she crawled out on to a ledge. >> the training you receive in the marine corps is, it's you don't r
this happened. reporting continues right now open twitter. follow us at 7 news bay area and more on this on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> good evening. thanks for being here. ferocious storm system with very bad timing is creating all kinds of trouble with one of the busiest travel days of the year just hours away now. this is a live look at sfo. if you travel today there were no delay to report but that could change dramatically. 20 states are in the storm path and many families are wondering whether they will make it home for thanksgiving. here's devon. >> on the east coast today a wet winter sloing to thanksgiving day. biggest snor storm we have seen in quite some time along the east coast and happening on the busiest travel week of the year. snow ice made travel treacherous in western pennsylvania parts of new york while soaking rain snarling traffic from florida to new jersey. it's all going to last for one more day. >> this storm is a triple threat. as far as travel concerns. rain. snow. ice. mainly delay. at the airport fliers are bracing for the worst. some will
into mexico or when and how he sliped past u.s. authorities when there was an amber alert and a $1 million warrant attached to his name. two week old henry romero is being cared for by mexican authorities until he can be returned to his mother, patricia romero in sunnyvale. with her 5-year-old daughter she spoke to reporters with the help of a friend tonight. >> i am really happy and really thankful that the police and people that helped me to find my baby. >> yesterday afternoon henry's father, he took the baby and told romero he was taking him out of state. he threatened to harm himself and the baby if she called police. >> she called them seven hours later and an amber alert was issued along with a $1 million warrant for his arrest. i was afraid i wouldn't be able to find them again. >> early this morning there were citings of his vehicle and cell phone pings in san diego where he has family. at some point he made it past the u.s. border patrol. he was stopped this afternoon at a checkpoint in mexico somewhere near lukeville in pima county, arizona that is about 300 miles from san diego
and follow us on twitter for updates. >>> good evening. thank you for joining us. the holiday hustle is kicking off early. many retailers are planning to be open this thanksgiving, and customers are already lining up to get their hands on the best deals. right now, groups of customers are camped out to be first. inside of two best buys this thanksgiving. go live to abc 7 news reporter who talked to one of the groups tonight. >> reporter: show you right now there are actually five tents set up here. some came here four days ago. this year, there's a little twist because there are some retailers that are opening on thursday. this one is opening 6:00 on thursday. that's about the time that some people are actually going to sit down to thanksgiving dinner. at this best buy, the first tent showed up four days ago. people in line are telling me they want to make sure they get the best deals. a few of them have done in the last few years so they have come used to waiting in line through the holiday but they are not sure how it will work this year because the store will open at 6:00 thanksgi
a palo alto man's trip to north korea. >> thanks for joining us everyone. a city hall rally on honors memorieses of two city leaders. >> this is the anniversary of the assassination that's rocked city hall, killed were popular mayor of san francisco, george moscomi and supervisor, harvey milk. the people who attended are marching through streets into the castro district where supervisor milk operated a camera shop, as you may know, before he was killed. vic lee is there live tonight. this day, we relive san francisco's darkest day. >> reporter: we do. community groups are holding the march and rally like they did 35 years ago. this is where they will all converge tonight for one big rally. so, let me take you back to that terrible shocking day 35 years ago. >> both mayor moscon sxichlt supervisor harvey milk have been shot and killed. >> chris mosconi was only 16 when a police officer told him his dad was killed.. >> i said what is going on? he said son, you don't know? your father has expired. those are the words he said. i never heard someone say that. >> november 27, 1978. dan whi
football team has been under pressure to change. as have cleveland indians and atlanta braves what. used to be okay snot anymore. it >> used to be we had to ride in the back of the bus. was it right then? is it right now? no. >> but is it right in vallejo? >> these games, no. but there -- they are the same. >> tim says he would know racism if he saw it. >> i've never seen an indian mascot. >> have you seen a feather? >> never seen a feather. >> heard a drum? >> no drum beats. or dancing or anything. >> anybody ever say kill apaches? >> no. nothing. >> times are changing we're getting more civil. >> and contentious. in vallejo, wayne freedman abc7 news. wet weather is on the way and in someplaces it will be the first significant storm since 21 of september. two months ago, believe it or not. right now, clouds in the bay area, but moisture still well northwest. you can sow an area off shore, a little bit pushing inland now. it's slowly moving south ward. pulling back farther you can see a long fetch of moisture reaching out to sea. there is some moisture there we'll see rain arriving in th
the evening including on abc 7 news at 11:00. you can follow any breaking development with us on twitter and 7 news bay area. >> good evening everyone. i'm in for dan ash ri tonight. >> also a major development in the battle between bart and the union. as we first broke on twitter abc 7 news learned the union are about to saw bart for voting to approve the new labor contract without disputed clause. transportation reporter heather has the story now from daly city. >>reporter: one bart rider reacted to the prospect of lawsuit this way. >> lawsuit is not the way to resolve this. nobody wins but the lawyers. >>reporter: after 2 strike this is year, cooling off, months of torture negotiations and 2 worker death on the track it appeared bart and union had a deal in october. then the stunning announcement from bart that management had signed a family medical leave clause in error. section 4.8 would give workers up to 6 week paid family leaf. bart said it didn't mean to agree to that and vote entered november to the approve the 67 million dollar contract deal only if the clause was tak
probably wanted to be at the office early. while the doors were closed to us, we got an inside look at ipo day from the tweets and photos posted by employees. this is the mound of doughnuts that awaited them. super charging them with sugar on top of the adrenaline rush of the opening bell in new york. they scrunched together to watch the ceremony on tv monitors. one thing was clear early on -- the $26-per-share ipo price set last night was conservative. underwriters trying to gauge supply and demand settled on a $45 opening price, 73% higher. that meant twitter could have raised over $1.5 billion more. the ceo of yelp says setting an ipo price isn't ease emp. >> it's not a science, it's simply an art. at the end of a long day and couple of weeks, you do your best to deliver value to both your own shifting shareholders and the new ones. and you try to be as fair as possible. >> reporter: while some were jumping in, others didn't because of risk factors. >> any ipo stock that becomes a trading vehicle the first few days after an ipo, it's a guessing game how much it will eventually be worth.
whipped gust up to 2 35 miles per hour. faster than any u.s. storm. >> whenhe wind sped do go up the damage does go up expo tension nationally that's why we are talking catastrophic damage. >> waves as high as 19 feet. miles of power line mangled and dangling an millions in the dark and out of touch. nearly 750,000 people pull up stake and in one case the whole house flee the path of the storm. some weren't by water and some started off on foot. others ended up that way. >> evacuee cramp shelters where they waited out the storm. >> tl we feel safe here said this woman. even if it is evacuation center we are okay. one saving grace typhoon moved through quickly. >> it has spared the island one of the major danger to floodin flooding. that's where most of the fatality occur. >> now heads west to vietnam. with potential for more devastation. chuck, abc news new york. >> well nearly half million filipino americans live in the bay area and of course many of them are anxiously awaiting word from relatives in the philippines. bay area relief group asking for help as donation begin
of the flames. >> they're using cranes to lift the metal off the pile to get to the center of the pile where the fire is. reporter: it still may take hours to put out the fire. until then the biggest concern is with the smoke. redwood city residents who can smell it are being told to stay in their homes and close all windows and doors. a similar warning has been issued for residents in palo alto as well, and i've also just been talking to motorists who have asked about the fire, who are driving on the 101, saying that they could mel the smoke and they could see it when the sun was up. so it's a concern further south of us as well. police have given local hospitals the heads up to -- just in case there are people who are coming in, complaining of respiratory problems. reporting live, abc7 news. >> typhoon haiyan barrels through asia, heading into vietnam and china now. the storm weakened to 74 miles-per-hour winds today after it reached vietnam and now has the strength of a category 1 hurricane. the damage is already immense. the philippines authorities believe the death toll could reach 10,0
from us and over the water. into the night sky, the fire continues to burn more than seven hours since it first started this afternoon. that shelter in place ordinance that you just mentioned is for residents in the immediate area because of smoke. the health advisories include a large swath of peninsula and south bay. smoke spewed into the air for the evening. sang at that clara county and south alameda county. firefighters are on the call. it's burning in a scrap metal pile and not easy to get to the core of the flames. >> crushed cars, recycled metals and other types of industrial recycled equipment. >> it's tough to get to the fire itself? >> correct. it's deep seeded. they're breaking it up. >> reporter: we're told the fire is contained, but the fire marshal also says it will still take at least until midnight to pry apart the metal piles and fully douse this fire. it's a possibility it will still be burning in the morning. the bay area quality management and other environmentalle health agencies are also here the to monitor the situation. police have given the heads up to local h
ishimaru ilive in the castro for us tonight. heather? >> carolyn, th train reacted as it was supposed to. there is an investigation on going into among other things whether the driver pressed his ergency break button into the cab before getting out. in any case, the surveillance video on the muni platform caught part of what happened. when the muniperator stepped out and manually closed th door, the train pulled away cause it was in auto mode leing the driver behind. when they realized there was no driver and smelled something burning someone pulled the emergcy brake. the train came to a stop a quarter mile from the station in the tunnel. >> they were pushing like the buttons to talk to the driver. there was no driver and they artrying to open both muni driver doors were locked and they are trying toet them open. >> there was no cell phone service and no communition from the outside. >> we didn't know if a train was going to come up. a couple of dyes -- a couple of guys were in the back. it was kind of like be were on our own. >> muni says when the train stopped the control center was al
lake and spencer tells us, don't forget the chains, they are required over the pass. and half a mile west of santa rosa, this tree was forced the to come down. compromising power lines and closing a road there. and look at the highway, it was flooded, you can see the water spilling over the over pass. investigators say a driver going too fast went off a cliff. >> the chp said that the lexus skidded on the slick pavement and dropped 50 feet on the east side of highwaystehighway 17, r victims and hoisting the car back to the road caused a traffic mess that lasted for se several hours. a lot of people sent in their pictures. here is highway 101 in paul avenue. it forced the chp to shut down all but one lane. there's a man up to almost his waist in water. abc 7 carolyn tyler has more on what was a challenging day for many drivers. if you were trying to get from here to there today, you know it was not easy. on 101, heading from the peninsula, northbound from san francisco, it was not only stop and go, but slip and slide if you drove in to a gusher like this. caltrans cleared debris on th
will get to destinations by you driving. meteorologist lee shows us what kind of weather travelers can expect. >> you're exactly right. southern california may see rain wednesday and thursday. the bay area may be dry for the most part as we head to thursday. we're dry now. let's talk about the winter storm brewing throughout texas, also oklahoma heading throughout arkansas and portions of memphis. that is freezing rain. quite a bit of snow expected tonight. tomorrow night going to be cold back east. 38 washington d.c. snow in the tennessee valley area. here is a look at what you can expect. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, flight delays. 3:00 severe thunderstorms in the southeast and check out how this starts to roll on up towards no new england. tuesday afternoon, rain, snow mix. that's going to make things worst. that turns into quite a bit of severe weather wednesday night to thursday. we'll stake a look at our forecast coming up in just a bit. >>> the president's job approval rating is at an all-time low. tomorrow he'll spend the day in san francisco. the president is in seattle tonight attendi
kong to help. u.s. providing 20 million dollars in aid with shipments of food and water arriving in the philippines today. >> and as our government responds so do individual people here in the bay area. growing outpouring of support tonight. lillian is live for news san francisco with that part of the story tonight. lillian? >> dan there's one more hour to bring donations here tonight. we are at the west bay fill pane 0multi-service center and there has been a steady stream of drop-off. this is what has been collected so far today. bringing whatever they can. this man drove across the bridge from oakland to put 40 dollars in the collection box. while this new mom left her newborn at home for the first time to drop-off baby food for her watching image of the children suffering was just too much. >> just the thought of no food for your baby. even though my baby is not eating yet except breast milk i can't imagine not having food for your child. >>reporter: this center in san francisco south of market collecting donation around the clock. another agency has agreed to donate the
of cruelty and abuse all, she says at the hands of people considered men of god. >>> a female worker tells us she was fired from the st. francis of assissi church because she would no longer submit to harassment include spanking. the church contends she was fired for other reasons. this single mother with a 2-year-old child worked as an assistant in the church. she says the president of the church board knew she was volumenerable as a young single mother with no particular skills, matthews says he exploited her, to satisfy sexual fantasies including... >> paddling with a wooden paddle. getting spanked in the shrine of st. francis. which catholics know is apalling to hear as a catholic. having sexual intercourse in the shrine of st. francis. >> matthews attorney says mclaughlin sent her client dirty e mails and photos. riviera says matthews was fired after sending an e mail saying she had had enough. >> she put her foot down and said i want to keep this professional, i want to focus on my job, a few weeks later she was fired. >> church officials have a different story saying matthews was fired
of walmart workers. allen wong was there and joins us live from san leandro. allen? >> reporter: that protest died down significantly since those five were arrested. right down there in the middle of the boulevard, but here is what it looked like around 4:30. police arrested the protestors. the walmart, many are former and current employees complaining of low wages and poor working conditions. >> it's way bigger than walmart. like i'm saying we have fast food strikers here, we have bart team here, teacher union here, it's about worker that's shop at walmart and pay them and don't know they're not treating their workers fairly. >> we offer competitive wages, health benefits starting at $18 a paycheck, we know these are quality jobs and are proud of what our owe continue to do. >> demonstrators may have blocked some traffic but it hasn't stopped shoppers from buying on black friday here, walmart says crowds have been very steady here all day. there were protests across the nation but this is the only one in the bay area that we know of. i'm allen wong, abc # news ooc
father is a business owner. police say, there, rather, tell us the suspect sent his brother a text kath he may have been suicidal. ciancia was shot and wounded in terminal three. we begin with the developments in the abc7 newsroom. >> reporter: let's talk about the bag. inside investigators say they found a hand written note that said he wanted to kill tsa officers and pigs, referring to police. witnesses who saw him handle that rifle say it was obvious he was there to do a lot of damage. this video from tmz shows passengers running for safety the gunman began shooting inside lax. >> i'm looking at him, my wife. to tell they're okay. say three we're going run out of the door. i was waiting when he is pointing down. we're running. >> i look over by escalator. like 20 feet away. i see shell casings falling. i see shooting. >> reporter: the gunman moved to the screening station where passengers show ids. he had an ar 15, a high powered rifle, shown here on the floor. >> he proceeded up into the screening area where tsa screeners, continuing to shoot and went past screeners back into the
has not told us who workers were. they have, however, released this statement. there was a failure in a low pressure aluminium casting press three employees were injured we're making sure they receive the best care. >> any time there is any kind of industrial injury, in the city of fremont, we required to notify osha, which is what we do, within 24 hours. >> one hr person has been here almost from the beginning. in support of employees and families other than that, there hasn't been any more visitors at this point. >> it's not clear where today's accident took place. the fremont fire department tells me burns range from moderate to serious. after getting the victims to the hospital their next step to contact state safety regulators. and we're told the expected to come here to visit two workers who remain in the burn unit. one of the three has been released. >>> a muni metro train pulled away without the driver. it happened at the castro station the driver was left behind. muni surveillance pictures show the train taking off. there is an investigation underway to determine if the dr
there have been problems there. wayne freedman is live for us. wayne? >> the fire is out. looks as if there was never a fire at this point but there is whiff in the air and plenty of questions. here was the good news along sea port boulevard in redwood citied city today four joggers out, gulping air and none the worse for air, but not perfect air. >> you can tell something has been burned or was burning. >> lee smelled this, a massive fire inside the sims metal management yard. piles of metal on fire, and smoke blanketing this area due to an inversion layer that kept it down. >> the smoke so thick, that county agencies ordered residents to shelter in place. concentrated amounts as far as san jose. a cloud one air quality official described as a witch's brew of toxic materials legal standard for 24 hours is 35 parts per billion. one hour yesterday, the particulate matter reached 114. it wasn't the first in this plant. >> this is probably the largest. the other fires were similar. >> sims had previous violations. >> this experienced violations in 2007. air quality violations, i do
that put this on. you get us started. >> >> reporter: i do what i can to help out the organization because it's a fantastic organization helping out so many young kids who have a wish. they came to me, of course i was more than happy comply. the city of san francisco, turns out they were more than willing to help as well. a hero emerged from union square after receiving an urgent message. >> we begin with a breaking news from san francisco's hall of justice. >> please, caped crusader, we need you. and bring the bat kid. >> >> reporter: miles had no idea make a wish was going to trance form him to bat kid for a day. >> wow, this is too much. i don't know what to say. >> big brother was off with batman to rescue a damsel in distress. the caped crusader encountered a sus spishus device that needed disarming. not a moment to spare because riddler up to no good. bat kid arrived just in time. a pit stop was in order. even super heros have to eat. >> very to believe you worked up quite an appetite. head on down to burger bar. tell them lunch is on the chief of police. >> reporter: the break won
it a hand grenade. we first broke the story on twitter and 7 news at finance:00 if you were with us then. good evening. >> that mistake may force bart board to scrap the agreement because it contains what one bart director describes as clerical error granting too much paid family medical leave to union workers. bart 2 largest union approved the contract last month after workers went out on strike twice in the past 4 months. now sources tell us that this page in the agreement that you are looking at somehow made it into the final draft and signed as you can see by all the negotiate ors. officials claim they rejected that position and they agreed to take it out. at issue family medical leave. new contract states bart would give workers full pay for the first 6 weeks. the old language said if employee need to use sick leave and vacation time. atu president bryant issued this statement saying quote bart management is attempting to go back on agreements it made in july and august and that were part of the final deal. this the is unconscionable. bart board is expected to vote on the co
ashley. iets not a big storm, but forcing drivers to use wipers. take a look. this is highway 101 in marin county. >> here is a shot from the east bay. >> this from civic center where light sprinkle brought out the umbrella brigade. >> well, things started getting more active now just hours ago, most rain moving down into the south bay and peninsula and mainly light. but we've got pockets of rainfall into the north bay. so right now, pockets of heavy rain from guerneville to santa rosa. let's take a look around winsor. and shifting our focus south ward, you can see we do have wet weather spreading across the peninsula this, is light at the moment but expected to intensify later. we have just very light snow in higher elevations but do expect it to pick up there overnight. we have a winter weather advisory in effect for this area of the sierra snow levels above 7,000. back to the bay area, by 9:00 we'll see heavier outbreak of rain pushing into south bay and santa cruz mountains, it's wet. we'll have more a little bit later. >> before the next wave of wet weather hits be sure to g
night.. >> i think issue is responsible use of tax dollars. i would say we have a flood problem and have to loo at solutions. >> the public works director has been through this before. they'll do it again. issue, how to keep the creek from flooding as it did in 2005, and 2 other times in 100 years. one possible solution is a $17 million partially-state funded detention basin. the town which e creek held excess water in times of flooding. >> we're getting flood control and we're getting a new park. but, at the end of the day nothing has been decided yet. >> partly because opponents say the project is designed to catch more dollars than water. >> it's 3.8% of the combination of the creeks hitting downtown that day. that is 3.8%. you're going to spend $17 million on 3.8%? >> 3% is all of the water in the creek. and out of the creek. >> water costing the town and small business owners $1.5 million last time. a disaster does it not want to see again. a finished project remains at least three years away. wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> today a school bus got stuck in wet cement. take a look at t
. >> he was walking with a very big rifle and shooting in the air. mall cop came running past us saying shots fired and telling everyone to run run run. >> police are conducting store by store sweep right now using dog and remote camera. concentrating the search in the northeast corner of the 2.2 square foot million mall. there is only one shell casing. follow us for development. >> developing news tonight. man was set on fire while riding a bus in oakland is near the intersection of mcarthur avenue severely burned. they don't have any suspects in custody at the moment. >> pleasant hill leaders got earful about proposed new rule regarding gunshot in town. nick live in pleasant hill with the debate for us. >> city council approved proposal make it tougher for gunshot to operate in city limits. now it will move forward to the full council in two week where it will take a formal vote of 3 yes to make it law. city council member back off proposed legislation to toughen the city gun law only tells part of the story. gun shop owner are happy to fill in the rest. >> well basically they try
disabled. >> so what does that mean forest of us? people with disables are concerned with some of the proposed changes as well. we are live in san francisco city hall with the story. heather? >> >> reporter: advisory committee says adding spaces will give a head start on handicapped space percentages coming down the a?kn francisco, even nicest people can get testy when someone threatens to take away their space. the transit first city o san francisco is aiming to reduce parking generally. but will be asked to increase it for disabled drivers who say not all of them can take transit, and they need more. a lot more. nearly 500 more handicapped spaces forok starters. >> we have people with disabilities living longer. so it's a need in general. >> right now, placard holders can park for free the misuse by those who don't need them is rampant. there are 23 regular parking spaces on this block. this afternoon, 19 were filled with cars with handicapped placards. a woman in an adjacent building saysç she stnt think it's patients because those cars are there, all day. >> i want to b
's could raise it to $eight. >> they told us at $six that that was going to be it. >> good yes kwe. >> things cost more than they did six years ago. we fund transit. and it helps with mobility. >> or in, six words, capitol reserves doyle drive transit and infrom a structures from repainting towers to parking at land spurs landing is an issue. >> i would be willing to pay for parking. >> $five a day. >> did you know when golden gate bridge opened a toll ticket costs $0.50? if you adjust for inflation, it's 8ed today. one amount they're consider being. you're talking about a fare higher than the bay bridge? >> yes. >> do you feel guilty about that? >> no. >> because there is a need for it. to help us fund the transit system. which in turn, keeps about 25% of the traffic that would have to cross the bridge off the bridge in the mornings. >> reporter: next step, presenting options to the district board, then public hearings. >> why not just raise it to $50? they sdroent a deficit. right? >> if only that simple from. the golden gate bridge, abc7 news. >> in richmond a chase ended in a
believes he had no other option but to fire his weapon. vic lee in the newsroom with more for us. vick? >> reporter: abc7 news has learned that andy lopez's family has filed claim against sonoma county and the sheriff's office. here it s it was just filed today. now, the county has six months to either accept it or reject it. if that happens, the family would most likely file a lawsuit. the claimant is andy lopez mother. the claim says the 13-year-old was killed unjustifiably and charges that the sheriff's office failed to develop adequate training policies for the use of lethal force. it does not specify an amount for damages. deputy goalhouse has been placed on paid administrative leave during the investigation. >> we feel for the loss of this young man's life. he feels for the loss for the family, for the community. >> reporter: but deputy eric goalhouse's lawyer, terry leone, says it doesn't minimize the threat her client faced that day. >> an ak-47 with no markings that it was a replica gun, that was pointed in his direction, those weapons, they pierce body armor, they pierce -- t
. lilian kim is live there now using cell 7 technology. lilian? >> carolyn, behind me is terminal 3. this is where it all unfolded. it will remain closed until further notice. hundreds of officers have been here all day collecting evidence and piecing together what happened. travelers ran for their lives when a gunman shot his way past security at los angeles international airport's terminal 3. this tmz video captures the panic after the suspect identified as 23-year-old paul ciancia approached the check point and pulled a semiautomatic rifle from the bag. he shot and killed one tsa agent and wounded three others. >> it was a loud bang. >> everyone panicked. everybody dropped to the ground. >> the shooter seemed to be aiming at tsa officers. he was wearing a blue uniform and helped from the scene holding up his bloody arm. this man barely escaped. >> he was carrying a rifle and he looked at me and said tsa with a question mark and i just shook my head and he kept going. >> reporter: passengers huddled for cover in bathrooms and others dashed for the exits. >> the kids, the seniors a
're not saying don't do that, but if people have that preference. that is why they're approaching us, they want to know 100% of their donations will go to communities on the ground in the philippines. >> reporter: volunteers say $100,000 has already been erased. the supporters and donors gathered this morning to pray for the welfare of the survivors. in the south bay, the office is engaged in a grass roots funding campaign to provide dehydrated food and bottles. to build the schools in haiti after the earthquake and they may do the same in the philippines. >> we don't know yet, but we'll see how desperate, and in need they are for supplies and support. but probably, we'll build some schools, maybe, we don't know yet. >> reporter: this is a global humanitarian group with 50 volunteers ready to help. if you're interested in helping to these agencies, go to abc7, click on see it on tv. nbc, david louis, abc 7 news. >>> and as you well know the situation in the philippines seems to grow more desperate every day now. the official death toll stands at 2700, but sadly is expected to rise. the u.s. has
. >> there's a need for toll increase to help us fund the transit system which in turn keeps 25 percent of the traffic that would have to cross the bridge off the bridge in the morning. >> next step. presenting the options to the district board then series of public hearings. expect an earful. >> raise to it 50 dollars? then you don't havetory would. the won't have a deficit. >>reporter: if only it were that simple. from the golden gate bridge, abc 7 news. >> new details tonight in the police chase that ended in serious crash in richmond. officers say they lost the suspect car moments before the crash would he were over the scene. 2 people seriously hurt when the cars slammed that the vehicle around 4 this afternoo afternoon. police arrested 2 people in the suspect vehicle passenger and driver. officers say is gang member wanted on several felony warrants. third suspect is still on the run tonight. >> the now to the latest from the philippines. u.s. state department says 2 americans are among the victims of typhoon killed in the aftermath of the storm. almost 250 members of th
to change. as cleveland indian ks kansas city chiefs and atlanta braves. what used to be okay is not any more critic say. >> it used to be we had to ride in the back of the bus. was it right then? is it right now? no. >>reporter: but is it right in vallejo? have you seen any of the school skits. >> the school games, no. but they are pretty much the same. >>reporter: tim banks has he covers football for the vallejo regional television channel. he says we know racism if he saw it at an apache game. >> i have never zion seen an indian mascot. >> ever seen a feather. >> i have never they ever seen any feather. >> heard a drum. >> no kind of drum beat or any. >>reporter: war drans. >> no war dancing or anything. >>reporter: anybody ever said kill the pche. >> no. nothing. >> times are changing. we are getting at bit more civil. >>reporter: and contentious. in vallejo, abc 7 news. >> one man being hailed a hero tonight after helping evacuate more than 1,000 people just before the soup typhoon hit the philippines 10 days ago now. tiny island here took a direct hit. destroyed almost al
there is something. good evening. get writ to 7 news weather anchor spencer christian tracking the weather for us on leif doppler 7 hd. waiting awhile. >> we have. now we get the reward for our listening wait. here's live doppler 7hd see a wide area of rain and some heavy moving right through the central part of the bay area. let's look closer. you cap see from the golden gate and lower marin county through san francisco to large portion of the east bayment start writ here where we have a batch of heavy rain moving on shore writ now. southern marin county. mill valley to tiburon and san francisco sunset district. now across the bay farthest just past oakland and richmond out to walnut correctth largely area of moderate heavy rain fall there to che top and antioch so we have got lots of rain in the central part of the viewing area right now but down south in the south bay on the peninsula in the santa cruz mountains still light moderate rain fall. hasn't intensified there yet as we had expected but could occur later in the evening hours. start forecast animation at 10:00 o'clock tonight at w
$six to end at $521.14. >> u.s. state department says it's working through diplomatic channels to try to free a palo alto man the 85-year-old korean war veteran, former schoolteacher and red cross volunteer. now the latest on the growing concern. >> reporter: the state department says there is is no greater pry to ti than the safety of american citizens abroad. tonight merrill newman's family says wheels are turning and all those who know him are praying for his safe return. this this is channing house. a friend who did not want her face shown says she's known newman many years. >> very active in church. did a lot with youth >> et vet was on a guided tour of north korea along with a friend from channing house. they were waiting on a flight when newman was pulled off the plane october 26th. today the state department had few specifics to offer. >> we're working in close coordination with representatives of ement basse of sweden to resolve the issue. >> newman's son says this was a trip of a lifetime that went smoothly until meeting with north korean officials. >> the korean war was di
francisco recreation center. >> they picked us out of the crowd to be deck asian in the background but we have our own minds. >>reporter: he's tired of hearing politicians talk about immigration reform but doing nothing about it. this is why he decided to speak out. >> please use your executive order to halt deportation of undocumented immigrants in this country right now. >> if in fact could i solve all these problems without passing law in congress then would i do so. but we are also a nation of laws that's part of our tradition. >> treated me like a little ki kid. and he did not directly answer my question. so it was very disappointing. >>reporter: despite the disappointing response he remains undeterred with efforts to stand up for undocumented immigrant. in san francisco, lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> we don't want no climate drama. >>reporter: protestors near the sf jazz center were also ready for the president arrival this morning as he weren't inside for a fundraiser there. they marched down the street chanting against the keystone oil pipeline project. >> next stop much qui
anthony joins us at a bus stop near the crime scene. >> reporter: sasha is heavily bandaged but there is no bitterness. there is an effort to move forward in the little ways. for sasha fleischman this thanksgiving is unlike any other. home with family, safe and surrounded by the well wishes of hundreds of people, friends and strangers alike. >> when i was in the hospital every day my parents world visit and bring a stack of cards this high, most of them from total strangers. >> we are thankful to have sasha not just hope but with us at all. >> i looked down and my skirt is on fire. >> reporter: for fleischman life changed forever when a 16-year-old boy lit his skirt on fire on an ac transit bus. >> my first instinct i start waving it around and that just fans the flames. >> reporter: other passengers helped put out the flames. sasha was burned but alive. the boy who set the fire has been charged with two felony hate crimes. >> probably didn't realize how big a deal it was going to be. and like, how harmful it would be. >> reporter: sasha identifies as neither male or female.
, but hope it will bring us more business. >> she has good reason to believe it may. on this its opening day casino officials say more than 27,000 people have visited the gaming floors. >> it was capacity at 11:00. traffic was backed up to about 12:30, 1:00. >> traffic continues to be an issue. this long line stretches tbak -- back to the highway and has been this way most of the day. the cars are coming from all direction directions. >> they had traffic jams and no place to go. >> he ys his convenience store will be the pitstop for visitors coming and going. we have seen people stop, shop and spend money. according to a casino spokesperson they are a win for the tribe and the community. $2.7 million has been donated to donated to donated to the public safety department and they are promising april additional -- an additional 12 million annually for the city and the county should the casino hit the revenue expectations. >> there will be a lot of opportunities for people here who didn't have jobs. >> the saying goes the house always wins. those living close by are hoping good fortune is conta
it was gunfire. ama dates is monitoring the situation in the newsroom for us. ama? >> carolyn, there was a lot of confusion tonight at l.a.x. when people thought they heard those shots they ran from the terminals. it was actually a really loud car accident. terminals four and five were evacuated because of the accident and an anonymous call to airport police about a man with a women at gate 45 and terminal 4. security swept the terminals with guns drawn to make sure the areas were clear. as this was happening some travelers ducked for cover and others ran out spilling on to the roadway bringing traffic to a stand still. here is the car that slammed into the parking structure around 7:30. you can see somebody being loaded into an ambulance. this twitter picture shows a car that may have been involved and one of its front doors is bent forward. >> the driver of the vehicle had a medical emergency that caused her to lose control of the vehicle and bounced over -- off several things. >> once the terminal was clear passengers went back in to be rescreened for their flights. that person taken by amb
jie. they are having a meeting with a small group of people and they will tell us what is going on. i think they have the resources, but they will not cause us trouble. >> just a few blocks away, the neighbors got other notices on their doors today about radio logical surveys of their lawns and the sidewalks beginning on monday. no relocation, but plenty else to worry about. >> are you kidding? i am concerned. >> the development authority will hold a clean up update meeting for the treasure island residents on december 11th. heather ishimaru, abc7 news. >> a dangerous hit-and-run caught on video and tonight police are trying to track down the driver. look at this surveillance video. around 2:30 on sunday morning a bartender on 13th street in oakland was leaving work. that is him on the upper part of the screen. he was then hit by this dark-colored porsche cayenne. the porsche briefly stopped and then took off. the victim is in the hospital. he suffered a broken leg, but he is now recovering at home. >> an east bay teenager set on fire on an ac transit bus is, we are glad to tell you,
on see it on tv. >> our reporting continues right now on twitter follow us at this web site. up taste on the powerful storm on twitter and of course on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. we focus on other things for the moment. twitter made huge splash on wall street you probably heard instant millionaire out of dozens. perhaps hundreds of employees. the stock closing this afternoon at just under 45 dollars a share. 72 percent premium from i p o price of 26 dollars this morning. sent the value of the company to about 25 billion dollars. at that level twitter now more valuable than company like kellogg and whole foods. business technology reporter david louis has the story. >>reporter: this was one day twitter employees probably wanted to be at the office early while the doors closed to us we got inside look at i p o day from the tweet and photo posted by employees. this is the mound of do nut awaited them. super charging them with sugar on top of adrenalin rush of the opening bell in new yor york. they scuvrj together to watch the ceremony on tv monitors. one think was clea
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